National Startup Awards 2020-Online Registration

The National Startup Awards 2020 have been provided for outstanding start-ups and ecosystem enablers that are being a part of creating innovative products or solutions and scalable enterprises in order to recognize, reward, and foster the talents. Accordingly, it has been facilitated an online portal through which the interested start-ups, incubators, and accelerators can fill out the National Startup Awards 2020 application form. The interested participants can check out the details like eligibility criteria, rules for awards, and can up to Rs. 15 Lakh cash rewards.

In India country, the start-ups will have played a major role in the high potential of employment generation or wealth creation and demonstrating the measurable social impact. The success of the start-up company’s leads to not only provided the financial gains in the investors but also the contribution of social impact.

Important Date:

The last date to apply for National Startup Awards 2020 online application form is 31st Dec 2020.

Online Registration or Login Procedure for National Startup Awards 2020

If you’re interested to apply for the National Startup Awards 2020, you can follow below-mentioned guidelines such as:

  • Initially, you need to visit the official website address
  • After redirecting to the home page, click on the “Apply Now” link on “National Startup Awards 2020”.
  • Or else, directly visit the link to access the registration form
  • On a new web page, the applicants need to complete the registration by tapping on the button either “Apply as Startup” or “Apply as Incubator” or “Apply as Accelerator”. The registration form of National Startup Awards 2020 will appear as follows:
National Startup Awards
  • The applicants can log in with the valid registered details after completion of the registration process.

Online Application Form for Startups or Incubators or Accelerators under the Scheme of National Startup Awards 2020

To participate in National Startup Awards 2020, the candidates can complete the profile to fill out the application form for start-ups after making a successful login.

Before filling out the online application form, the applicants can check out the award rules by reading the manual on the official website.

Prize and Eligibility Criteria for Startups in National Startup Awards 2020

Through the scheme of National Startup Awards 2020, a cash prize of Rs. 5 lakh shall be offered to the selected startup from each of the subsectors. The winner and runner ups have a chance of proving themselves to provide their innovations or solutions to relevant public authorities and corporates for potential pilot projects and work orders. Accordingly, the National Startup Awards 2020 will give the priority to the winner and runner start-ups to participate in the events of National and International Startups sponsored by DPIIT. Here, below mentioned eligibility criteria for start-ups in National Startup Awards 2020 that included as follows:

  • The entity must be a recognized startup by DPIIT and should be submitted its certificate of incorporation or partnership deed.
  • The startup should have developed software or hardware or process solution which is used in the market currently.
  • The entity should have all applicable trade-specific registrations such as MSME, FSSAI, CE, GST Registration, etc.
  • The registered startup company must submit audited financial statements like balance sheet, profit, and loss account for the last three financial years such as 2016-17, 17-18, and 18-19.
  • The entity should not have any default in the last three financial years by any of its promoters or any of its group entities.

Rewards and Eligibility Criteria for Incubators and Accelerators in National Startup Awards 2020

The one winning incubator and accelerator will be received the cash reward of Rs. 15 lakh under the scheme of National Startup Awards 2020.

For Incubators:

  • The incubator must be structured as an independent entity – an organization, a society, or a public trust.
  • The incubator should have at least two years of working experience as on 1st Jan 2020.
  • The incubator should have graduated a minimum of 15 Startups successfully.

For Accelerators:

  • The accelerator must be an independent entity either a company, a society, or a public trust.
  • The accelerator should be operational for at least two years as of 1st Jan 2020.
  • The accelerator should have a record of graduated a minimum of 10 Startups successfully.

List of Award Categories in National Startup Awards 2020

In National Startup Awards 2020, there are 15 award categories available. A list of award categories as follows:

SectorSub Sector
Post Harvest
Farmer Engagement and Education
Allied Areas (Poultry, Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, etc.)
EducationAccess to Open Education
Access to Institutional Education
Teacher Training
Enterprise TechnologyEnterprise Solutions
EnergyClean Energy
Energy Efficiency
Energy Storage
FinancePayments Wallets – include P2P lending etc.
Financial Literacy Engagement
FoodFood Processing
Access to Food
HealthLife Sciences
Access to Healthcare
Medical Devices
Industry 4.0Cloud Computing
Augmented Reality Products or Services
Big Data
Computer Vision
Internet of Things
3D printing
SpaceSpace Tech Solutions
SecurityCyber Security
Citizen Security Solutions
Travel Planning and Discovery
Urban ServicesTraffic Management
Waste Management
Water or water networks
Construction or development monitoring solutions
Special Category: Women Led StartupsWomen led start-ups across sectors
Special Category: Rural DevelopmentImpact in rural areas
Special Category: Campus StartupStart-ups coming out of educational institutes and led by students

The National Startup Awards 2020 has been initiated to offer rewards and prizes to the start-ups in India who developed the innovative products and process solutions that lead to foster the high talents in start-ups. Additionally, the development of start-ups will be created more employment opportunities and ensure the social impact. Under the scheme of National Startup Awards 2020, the winning startup can receive the cash reward of Rs. 5 Lakh whereas the one winning incubator and accelerator can get the cash prize of Rs. 15 Lakh with the applicable terms and conditions.

National Startup Awards 2020-Online Registration
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